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Staff to the Commission
Name/Email link Title Phone
Keenan Konopaski Legislative Auditor 360-786-5187
Eric Thomas Auditor Coordinator 360-786-5182
Dana Lynn JLARC Research Analyst 360-786-5177
Eric Whitaker JLARC Research Analyst 360-786-5618
Rachel Murata JLARC Research Analyst 360-786-5293
Pete van Moorsel JLARC Research Analyst 360-786-5185
Marilyn Richter Committee Support 360-786-5188
Stacia Hollar Assistant Attorney General 360-664-0865

The Commission welcomes public attendance and values participation in its meetings. Except when convened in Executive Session, all meetings of the Commission are open to the public. The Commission also provides opportunity for public comment at each meeting.

Those wishing to provide public comment at Commission meetings are asked to sign up at the registration table.

If you wish to submit written public testimony, click here.


If you are interested in being appointed to serve on the Commission, please contact the following:

Office of the Governor, click here
House Democratic Caucus, click here
House Republican Caucus, click here
Senate Democratic Caucus, click here
Senate Republican Caucus, click here


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